Remembering Mother at Christmas

A sentimental  repost from Christmas 2011

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  1. Posted by dacemara on December 8, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Mary, a beautiful post. At the heart of it, Ryan’s angel, a precious little gift that grows in value as each year passes. Had a similar experience rereading cards written to me by my nephew — who’s now 28 — when he was a child. Sweet.


    • Dace, I only wish I had half of my Mum’s positivity at Christmas. She went all out for the family and I miss her very much at this season. It saddens me that she didn’t get to know more of her great grandkids because she sure loved the babies. I don’t have Mum’s Xmas baking and fussing gene, but I hope I have her appreciation of family. You must have had some good giggles and warm remembrances from your nephew’s cards. I guess that’s why we keep things, to remind us of the connection.


  2. Merry Christmas Mary. Thanks for the reminder to treasure the loved ones still with us, as the day will come when they no longer share our Christmas’s except in our memories


    • Thanks BH. As I’ve just returned from three glorious weeks in Florida, I needed something to get me into Christmas mode. My Mum was a delightful “elf” at this season and it’s hard to forget how special she made it for our family. I hope you have a joyful holiday season.


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