Meet Matt Vardy

Former Washburn Island Resident, Matt Vardy.

Former five-year resident of Washburn Island, Matt Vardy has created waves in the photography world. Some of his most recognized achievements are photography for the music industry. He’s young, fresh, talented and attracting a strong client base in his career.

Matt Vardy, View from Washburn Island Lake Scugog, looking west

Matt shares a special Lake Scugog sunset he photographed  from his former home on Washburn Island. I’m familiar with the expansive blue skies reflected in calm evening waters; the horizon glimmering with the remnants of golden pink sunsets.

I asked Matt a few questions about growing up on Washburn Island. As a more recent resident, the memory of place is different for him than me because he lived in a permanent home. Only cottages and three farmhouses were on the island when I was his age.

What years did you live on Washburn Island?

I moved there when I was thirteen around 2000. I took a school bus to George Hall Public School in Little Britain for one year, and went to LCVI in Lindsay for high school. When I was eighteen, I moved out on my own to Toronto when I was offered a full-time job as a graphic designer for a large cosmetics company.

What did kids do for entertainment on Washburn Island?

If you were a resourceful outdoor person the island had lots to offer for recreation. I liked to go kayaking, boating, fishing, biking and snowmobiling in winter. On the flip side, I definitely felt a sense of isolation on the island. There’s very little for a young adult in terms of culture and social life. Your options are limited.

What was it like to live in a community mix of cottages and permanent homes?

The area I lived in had mostly permanent homes – out of the dozen or so homes on my street, only three were cottages. It was a tight-knit community, everybody knew everybody, and in times of crisis (for example: after a major wind storm when trees and homes were damaged), it seemed that there was always a neighbour standing by, willing to help.

Did you interact with the farmers?

No. Never had the opportunity to, or was never invited to.

Did you have a favourite place on the island?

My favourite place was my back yard. My family had a beautiful corner lot on Helen Crescent with mature trees and tons of space to play and explore. My favourite fishing spot was on the northeast side of the island along the marshes.

Did you know any of the history of the island?

I didn’t know very much about it except that (I had been told) at one time there were very few houses on it, and it was mostly farmland. The road connecting the island to the mainland was either non-existent or much smaller than it is today.

Are you in touch with anyone living there now?

My parents are in touch with a few of the neighbours that were close friends.

How did photography become such an important part of your life?

I took my first photography class in Grade 10 in Lindsay. My love for the art has grown steadily ever since, and now I’m proud to say it is my career.

Thank you Matt for giving us a new perspective of growing up on Washburn Island.

Readers comments and stories are welcome.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cheryl Andrews on June 24, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Love this interview and the links to Matt’s blog sites. More, please.


  2. All that Matt Vardy and I had in common before a month ago, was our knowledge of Washburn Island. I think that has changed. I’ve looked at his work through his online sites, recognizing his contribution to the photography scene, and hopefully, he has gained some new information from reading my site.

    That’s what it’s all about. Bringing people and information together.



  3. Posted by ROGER on August 22, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Interesting to meet Matt Vardy here. The wonder of the Cyber Community. Meeting here-to-fore strangers and learning of our commonalities and mutual interests. I am often amazed by the fact that talent knows no geographical bounds.
    Matt is an excellent example of that: Small village, Little Britain. Small town, Lindsay. Isolated, Wahburn Island leading to a renowned career as a professional photographer. Congrats!!
    Shania Twain and Ann Murray are other examples that confirm my theory 🙂
    Thanks to Mary McIntyre for bring it all together.
    Roger Morrison


    • Roger,
      I’m trying to turn over every Scugog region “stone” I can find–and you’re one of them. Thanks for looking at the post about Matt Vardy.



  4. Hi Mary, thanks for this great article… it was fun to look back on my “washburn days”. The natural scenery and isolated nature of the island defintiely helped cultivate my talents as an artist. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! PS – my email is now .net instead of .com



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